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Netgear’s False Claims about Wifi Extender

Netgear’s False Claims about Wifi Extender

Beaumont Costales announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed against NetGear (Nadaq: NTGR) on behalf of Robert Fischer and all those who purchased the company’s WiFi Range Extenders.  The lawsuit charges that NetGear, a leading manufacturer and seller of wireless connectivity devices, has made false representations about its Range Extenders’ ability to improve a user’s WiFi signal range in order to sell more product.

According to the complaint, NetGear prominently represents its Range Extenders as extending WiFi networks by close to 200 percent.  However, Range Extenders cannot and do not extend the range of a WiFi network by 100 percent, and typically they extend the range of an existing WiFi network by less than 50 percent.  As a leading manufacturer, NetGear is presumed to be well aware of this limitation, and yet they continue to misrepresent the range both on product packaging as well as in various forms of internet advertising.  These false promises are made at the expense of consumers because consumers purchase Range Extenders expecting the to conform to NetGear’s representations. Additionally, because the Range Extenders fail to conform to representations made on its packaging, the Range Extenders violate the terms of the express warranty that NetGear makes to consumers.  The lawsuit charges that NetGear has sold and continues to sell at least six models of its Range Extender, and that each model suffers from the same issue.

The Plaintiff Fischer purchased a NetGear Range Extender in 2016 and, despite placing the device in several locations throughout his home, was never able to achieve the results that the product represented on its packaging.  The lawsuit also points out numerous online reviews as to the poor quality of the device, indicating that Fischer was not the only consumer to have experienced similar problems.

Consumers who have purchased NetGear Range Extenders and who wish to be added to the plaintiff list may contact Beaumont Costales at 773-831-8000.

Beaumont Costales is a law firm whose primary practice is plaintiff’s class action litigation with a special emphasis on workers’ rights and consumer rights.  Beaumont Costales has offices in Chicago and New Orleans.  For more information, please visit


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