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Music Legislation for the Digital Age

Music Legislation for the Digital Age

The House of Representatives recently voted unanimously to pass the Music Modernization Act, a piece of legislation that would improve royalty payments to songwriters, artists and other music talents in the digital age.  Among other stipulations, the Music Modernization Act would provide a statutory right to recognition for adjunct creators, including producers, sound engineers and mixers.

We believe sound engineers, mixers and other audio professionals are often the unsung heroes (no pun intended) of the music industry.  They work long hours under stressful conditions, frequently pulled in different directions by the talent, the producers and the music studios that foot the bill.  When a song tops the charts, artists and producers rake in the awards and the money that comes with them.  Recording studio professional rarely see the financial fruits of their labor.

At Beaumont Costales, we believe that people deserve to be paid and recognized for their work, whether they work in a sound studio, a hot kitchen or a construction site.  The Music Modernization Act is an important effort to not only bring the old-fashioned music industry into the current digital era but also to recognize those who deserve to be.

To read more about the Music Modernization Act, we recommend that you check out Paula Parisi’s excellent article in Variety here:

Photo by Puk Khantho on Unsplash