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Justin Timberlake named in lawsuit against Bai energy drink

Justin Timberlake named in lawsuit against Bai energy drink

Last month a class action lawsuit was filed against Bai, alleging that the energy drink’s made false claims that it contains all-natural ingredients.  Also named in the suit was Bai spokesman Justin Timberlake.  Timberlake, as it was reported by Fortune, became in investor in Bai Brands back in 2016 and holds the title of Chief Flavor Officer.

Bai is just one of Timberlake’s many investments, which also include audio technology company AfterMaster Audio Labs, MySpace, and he has had relationships with brands such as Sauza 901.

The lawsuit says Bai products contain a synthetic chemical flavoring compound identified as “malic acid,” which is an inexpensive synthetic chemical used in processed food products to make the taste like tangy fresh fruit.

The Bai lawsuit claims that Timberlake was a knowing participant in the alleged fraud, saying, “Defendant Bai and Defendant Timberlake knowingly entered into a single agreement and/or multiple agreements to commit fraud and other unlawful acts by agreeing to promote artificially flavored beverage products as if they were solely naturally flavored without synthetic chemical ingredients.”

Depending on how this case plays out, it could have massive implications for celebrities who make big money endorsing products and, in some cases, investing in them.  It was recently reported that Beyonce had invested in the beverage startup Watermelon Water.  Hopefully Queen Bey and Watermelon Water will think twice about using false or misleading language when they hock their product, or they may find themselves in Court alongside Timberlake.

To read more about the lawsuit against Bai energy drink, check out this excellent article at   Fortune also did a great video about Beyonce and Watermelon Water, which you can view here


Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash