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Can a Class Action Lawsuit Repair Sidewalks in Atlanta?

Can a Class Action Lawsuit Repair Sidewalks in Atlanta?

Like so many cities in the United States, Atlanta has crumbling sidewalks.  In fact, it has thousands of them.  This creates a tremendous challenge for people with disabilities who need wheelchairs to navigate the city.  Now a group of individuals with wheelchairs have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the City of Atlanta, accusing the growing metropolis off violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A class action lawsuit can be a useful way to get the attention of municipal governments, who frequently put such infrastructure improvements on the backburner.  In this case, a class action lawsuit can serve to give voice to a smaller community whose needs and rights otherwise might be overlooked.

Municipalities should take note: in 2015 when Los Angeles settled a similar class action lawsuit, the cost to repair sidewalks was upwards of a billion dollars.

To learn more about this case, listen to the reporting by NPR here:

Photo by Matthew Garoffolo on Unsplash